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Adapt to the new era of supply chain with Volmera

The easiest way to automate your daily logistics operations


Next generation of old school

The easiest way to automate your daily logistics operations

We are here to bring together traditional methods with modern technologies and accompany you on your journey of digitalization


Find the most suitable bids or vehicles

Online marketplace platform

Our online marketplace platform is supported by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a user-friendly and intelligent user experience.

Pallet tender & marketplace platform

One platform for pallet purchasing and selling 🥳

You can easily sell your scrap pallets, thus contributing to their re-entry into the market and sustainability 🌲
Receive quotes from all manufacturers within your country and sell your used pallets to other companies on the Volmera platform 🤝


Join the daily commercial freight network, more than you can reach

Expand your business network

Do you know how many trailers or trucks are registered in your country? So, how many of these vehicles can you access for your logistics operations? 😎

Integrated supply chain management


Freight Marketplace

Utilize online bidding with your closed group or with every available 3PL, managing your tendering process with ease


Pallet market

Connect with all manufacturers within your country. Browse all pallet needs within your country. Evaluate the best offers for your auctions. Easily find standard and custom pallet types that suit your needs


Yard management

Enhance your yard visibility, take control of your gates, and utilize your yard with a highly flexible and affordable model. Integrate with WMS and TMS or with IoT devices to automate your operations with ease


Warehouse management

Next-generation Warehouse Management System with AI-powered self-onboarding, low implementation costs, and quicker setup times

Digitizing traditional communication methods

📢 Communication plays a crucial role in logistics operations as it facilitates the coordination of product and material movements.

📞 Despite this, many companies still rely on traditional communication methods such as phone calls, faxes, and emails, which can result in costly errors, delays, and miscommunications.

🦾 Volmera utilizes modern technologies to enhance communication and coordination within your daily operations

Adapt to the new generation of supply chain

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